Kingdom of Avon [adventure map]

Kingdom of Avon for Minecraft PE is adventure map. It passed in medieval time. You are brave hero, who will try to find all relics of Avon land. It will be difficult task, all of them are hard to get and they could be everywhere around Avon kingdom. Only if you take all relics you can summon dragon.

developers: leotheking4, shrimp1970, Twitter Account

You can wait for amazing storyline, interesting adventure and cool map. Creator made many command blocks there.

Carefully read sign and welcome to Kingdon of Avon – RPG, medieval, adventure map.

This map is huge. Explore and discover as much as you can and have fun. Do not forget about hidding treaser and secret places.

Try to find some chest at your home, there will be a book with quests you have to do. Set off in big and interesting adventure.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +

This map is over 200 mb

Download map Kingdom of Avon

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