The Dummy (Horror) [Adventure map]

The dummy 2 is horror/adventure map for Minecraft PE. You can download first part this map below in this article. Do you want get new feelings and emotions? This horror map is for you! You will see amazing storyline and custom texture pack, which help you involve in horror and mystic world.

Very carefully read the signs in this map. Pay attention on small details. I recommend play in this map at night, on this part of day you can feel what is that real horror map.

Here you will leave some screenshots from this map. In first map, at start of the map, you have to find some buttons to read the storyline and of course, you will get storyline in chat. Good luck!

DOWNLOAD: dummy-horror.mcworld [13,92 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: the-dummy-2.mcworld [12,73 Mb]



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