Slendrina: The Cellar – Level #1 (Horror)

Slendrina: The Cellar – Level #1 is a horror, adventure map for Minecraft PE. As I heart, it will be serials of maps and here you can see first map of this series. Set off in a big journey in horror and mystic world, where your main goal is to find eight different books. This map includes costume texture and sounds, so prepare to amazing horror and scary atmosphere.

Creator: DarkPower202, Twitter Account

How to start?

As I said already, you have to find eight special books, which were hidden in cellar. I can give you big advice, do not forget about torch, which help you have light and find these books.

Here you can see some screenshots from this map. I hope you will see something on them, because it is too dark.

For Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2

DOWNLOAD: slendrinacellar1_update1_darkpower202.mcworld [3,5 Mb]



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