Tomb Crafter [Adventure map]

Tomb Crafter map for Minecraft PE is really cool adventure and a lot fun. Here you will find three stories in one and together up to 23 rooms to fill many challenges for you with different level of difficulties. Can you get the legendary exalibur or Oliver Hood’s blow? Are you ready to fantastic and
unforgettable game? This map is for you.

Developer: minecraftstyler777, Twitter Account

How many players require the map?

You can play single but I very recommend you take some friends to help you and have fun.

What the difficulties level?

Creator recommend for one player choose easy and for many people medium.


  • dungeon Egypt
  • A lot of parkour places
  • Amassing plot
  • a lot of chest

DOWNLOAD: tomb-crafter-1.mcworld [11,15 Mb] (count: 1)

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