The Darkest Halls 2 [Adventure map]

The darkest Halls map for Minecraft PE gives you lot emotions because it is horror map. You walk average in dark place and always shiver. Of course, you will heart tremendous and frightful music on background. You need to past lot of challenges (parkour, puzzle and etc) You need to be smarter than doctor X and finish this map.

What the plot of this map?

You woke up on some place. You do not know it and do not remember how you appeared here. Farther you will know it. Doctor X capture because he want to do experiments with you. Are you going to live? Do you have enough behavior to survive? Let’s show it in this amazing horror and adventure map.

Now you can see the screenshots.

Look at this picture. Have you already fear?

Only dark atmosphere and you will very feel it on your skin.

how to install the map?

just download and tap on it

DOWNLOAD: the-darkest-halls-2.mcworld [134,18 Kb] (count: 0)

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