Hang Him! [Adventure map]

Map Hang Him! For Minecraft PE. Your adventure start in American Old West zone. Many ears ago you had a work as bounty hunter. You are long time waiting for quiet and peaceful. You have decided make a long journey and settle down in no chaotic place. However, time is changing and people require your help.

Developer: Lume

What the meaning of map?

After many years, you have your job as bounty hunter and want go to deserved vacation. You start your new place for living and relax.

You come to some village in the near. After conversation with some villagers, you understand to something happen here.

In from of the village you can to find a mob dispenser and get the some paper. After that, you will get what is going on here.

The first challenge for you is find the person with name Jonathan. Picture below shows you where you can looking for.


  • Switch your render distance on the second slot
  • Change your difficulty ( no zero )
  • Do not brake blocks
  • Do not use modification
  • Play in survival mode
  • Bring distance between you and your home, now you are nearly arrived. Take your stuff and follow the way. Good luck.

DOWNLOAD: hanghimmap.mcworld [19 Mb] (count: 0)

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