Map GTA San Andreas

Today I want to show you map GTA San Andreas for Minecraft PE. I think all of us know about this adventure game for computer with the same name and everybody have played in it. Creator ROCKSTAR have made GTA in October 2005 but it still very popular (It can seem unbelievable how little game can live so long) This map for MCPE has ported from PC version.

Ported by: MrMvBPE, Twitter Account

update: 28.11.2017


  • You can enter in mostly houses (just open the door and try to find some chests)
  • A lot houses and infrastructure (police, shops, arena, bridges, GYM, airport and another structure)
  • This town is copy of map in game!
  • There is hunger games in this map (it is awesome and good idea to play with you your friends)
  • It is very good quality (good graphic, small detail)

Now I recommend you to see some screenshots this map

At final I would say it is cool map for everyone, even you do not know what is that Grand Theft Auto. If you is a fan of that game you must to have this map. I played in GTA a long time ago and I want to play in this map for remember how it was great and want to have some nostalgia.

new version for MCPE 1.2 +
download mediafire

old version

DOWNLOAD: map-gta-san-andreas.mcworld [9,86 Mb] (count: 237)

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