Working Phone in Minecraft 3.3

Working Phone in Minecraft 2 is a map where you find bug phone which will really work! You can play in Minecraft or even play the music (you will be able to play 5 different songs).


  • working phone with 10 different apps
  • youtube, Minecraft, music, compass, etc.
  • support the last MCPE version

How does it work?
at first, you can in setting set up unique style of your phoneto unlock the phone you have to sneakafter you will see next 10 apps to use.another screenshot
Changelog v3.3

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Color bugs
  • Fixed VR issues
  • Download Working Phone in Minecraft for Minecraft PE 1.16
    DOWNLOAD: minephone3_3-map.mcworld [2.83 Mb]
    last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.201
    last Minecraft PE BETA version

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