Map Bikini Bottom City

Today I will be showing you guys amazing Bikini Bottom City map for Minecraft PE. If you have ever watched TV series SpongeBob SquarePants you have to know this world, because it is the copy. So right now you can explore it and have fun. Initially this map became big popularly on Minecraft PC but then it was ported on Pocket Edition

Here you can see a lot place of interest, which really exist in Bikini Bottom City. For example this is Crusty Crab ( a restaurant where SpongeBob works ) Jellyfish Fields, caves, SpongeBob house,Mall and other.

Also I really recommend you change your skin on SpongeBob or the other character.

How to install?

just download this file and open it in your device and than tap on it.

DOWNLOAD: spongebobbikini.mcworld [1,59 Mb] (count: 107)



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