Futuretroplis [Creation map]

Futuretroplis is a huge futuristic city, where you can feel amazing atmosphere industrial from future. The main objects to you can see here are huge buildings. You will be admire skyscrapers all the time. This is good place for survival. Just invite your friends and inspect this beautiful map.

Developers: tpar69, Twitter Account

How look screenshot of this map?

Now you can see some pictures

On this screenshot you can look how awesome skyscrapers in night time.

the second foto in dark

You will be like a small ant through this big monster-houses. In addiction, you have to notice at quality this map. It looks great!

This map present for you not only stone joungle. It also beautiful nature. For example you can see some water on the screenshot below

recommend for MCPE 1.1+ DOWNLOAD: futureoplis-2.mcworld [4,36 Mb] (count: 7)

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