Wambo’s Room map

Amazing Hide and Seek map for Minecraft PE. It called Wambo’s Room. You will see some standard apartment and here you can play in my favorite game Hide and seek. How to play? Very easy! Invite your friends, split in group and one of you will hide, other will seek. This is perfect map for this, because all stuff here are very big and you have many places hide and it will be difficult find you.

Developers: Wambo_6Foot_


No rules for you, you can make it by yourself. Just have a fun with your friends and think where you can «be in safe» or how to win.

Screenshots of this map.

THis map we recommend for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1 version +

DOWNLOAD: hide-n-seek-wambo.mcworld [139,56 Kb]



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