Aquatic Update Review Map [Creation map]

Did you download the latest Minecraft PE beta Update Aquatic? This map will help you open all features this update and you do not need find all of them in real Minecraft world. If you want to see fishes, ocean ravines, corals, iceberg, trident and other new blocks, I recommend download this map and in one time see all features. Now you in this map integrate all new things from Minecraft Pocket Edition (JAVA) versions. Download the map and just open new features very quickly as possible and do not spend your time to find them in the world.
I have some screenshots from this map for you. You can observe all of them in this place below.

Game you can find on our website or buy on googleplay and participate as beta tester.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition +

DOWNLOAD: aquatic_update_2.mcworld [888,19 Kb]

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