Showcase map MCPE Beta

Yesterday you could see new version Minecraft PE This map was created to show you all new things from that version. Normally, you have to spend a lot of your time to find new things from new version, but you can use this map and do not worry about you miss something new. It is very usefull if you want very quickly knew about new version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

How to start?

just install this map ( as usually this map is in .mcWorld ) and have a lot of fun, because very lose to use was created all features of version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Do you remember what it will be?

In version Mojang adds:

  • New mob – Dolphins
  • new structer underwater caves and ruins
  • Sea Pickle, Heart of the Sea and Nautilus Shell
  • and else

creator: YMCAGaming

some screenshots

download here

Showcase map MCPE Beta [mediafire]

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