Speed Builders map

Map Speed Builders for Minecraft PE is a minigame, where you need very fast recreate some buildings and structures. What this map is? You will see buildings and you have only 15 seconds to see it and save in your mind. Than you will have 60 seconds to build it ( that construction what you sow ) If you build fast, good, quality, accuracy you will get the point.

For example, when I play in this map I had to recreate piano. It was really difficult to me, but nevertheless I had fun. You can watch different structures: swords, houses, library or something like that.

Do you want to increase and improve your building skills? Do you like very speed? You must download it and play.

How to start?

At first you need to choose multiplayer or single mode. Than you will see button start and you have to tap on it. In another room, you need to push on start. ( as you can see on screenshots below – it is very easy understand )

Do not forget! You will have only 15 seconds to memorize what do you need to build and then just turn on your brain! I wish you good luck and very good point.

DOWNLOAD: speedbuilders-mcpe.zip [102,83 Kb] (count: 0)

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