Castle Wars [minigame map]

Map Castle Wars for Minecraft PE is minigame for two teams players. You can choose single or multiply game. When you play single game, you will have own team of soldiers who help you battle against other team. How you can to win? Of course the easiest way to kill everybody in command your enemies but you have another possibility, you can still some items from the chest. It is very cunning plan.

How to play in this map?

At first, when you will appear on the map you need to choose single or multiply mode. Single mode is very good, but I very recommend you play with your friends. It is really fun!

If you choose single game you will get your team which play with you. They spawn authomatically.

Now I want to show you some screenshot from this map

The first one can show you how you will looking.

On this foto you can see how guards are going to battle. You can only die or win.

Now this foto show you how happens battle process. It is amazing!

Finely here you get information only for cunning player. If do not want see blood you can try to still some things from another team. This thing called «Red team mascot».

for MCPE 1.0 +

DOWNLOAD: castle-wars-by-shaolinminer.mcworld [217,96 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: castlewars.mcpack [222,83 Kb]



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