Super Mega Dropper [minigame map]

All know about Super Mega Dropper map for Minecraft PE because it is really famous series. You will have a lot challenges and four levels from very low to extremely hard. Are you ready to do it? You can start right now, just download this map below article. The goal of this map is – you have to jump from high point to little bucket of water.

Update: 22.10.2017

Now I want you to shop few screenshots from this map.

On the first one, you can see the start point. Here you will begin your story and here you will choose the level of hardness. For me looks good.

Now you will see how looks that little place where you will jump in. Are you scary already? Maybe this map not for you?!

They can be absolute different form. Nice view.

or this

recommend for MCPE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: supermegadropperupd2.mcworld [2,21 Mb]

DOWNLOAD: supermegadropperupd1.mcworld [1,31 Mb]

Recommend the last version MCPE

DOWNLOAD: supermegadropper.mcworld [1,15 Mb]

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