The Treasure [minigame map]

I resent you The Treasure for Minecraft PE where on you are waiting 6 awesome challenges. After complete the lust one you able to get your prize – some treasure. What exactly you have to do it here? For example, you will show us how good your parkour skills are. Or another example, you need to use your logical, to solve problem with puzzle.

Developers: RainbowDark, Twitter Account

Attention! You are seeing on beta version now. Unfortunately, in this time there is only one level. Nevertheless, I very recommend you try to play.


  • Turn on adventure mode
  • Try to get all heads

How to start?

On the spawn point, you need to push some button to begin the level.

After it procedure, you will see Act number 1 and some information ( instruction ) about what you have to do. Properly read it and just do it!

Example: put 9 stacks of oak wooden plank in the dropper

DOWNLOAD: the-treasure.mcworld [185,63 Kb] (count: 19)



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