Mob Arena Battles 1: Revamped Edition [minigame map]

Are you ready to battle against many zombie in Arena? If yes, I recommend you to start battle with map Mob Arena Battles 1: Revamped Edition for Minecraft PE. At first, you have to choose the heroes, for whom you will play. Computer suggest you mag, wizard, swordman and other. You need good thinking before you pick up somebody, each person is different and have as negative as positive side. In additions, you will choose the level of difficult. Do you have a lot experience and big amount of bravely? Pick up the hardest one and you will have fun and hardcore game.

Developers: Otonomega, Twitter Account

How to play in this map?

You will take 5 heroes to choose. Depending on which one you take, you will have different armors and weapons.

Step number two. Easy, middle level or hardcore?

After you pass two steps then you can put on the main button to start the arena.

On the last screenshot you want to show you the angry zombies which already have big desire to kill you.

recommend version 1.1+

DOWNLOAD: mob-arena-1-revamped-edition.mcworld [212,7 Kb]



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