Find The Button [Minigame map]

Do you love play in hide-and-seek? I present for you map Find The Button for Minecraft PE where you will try to find some button. You get 10 levels and each of them is very interesting and unique ( another biome, structures and other stuff )

Developers: SkySlimeCrafter

How to play in this map?

As I said here you have to try to find some button and when you push on this button you will be teleported on the next level ( there are 10 of them ) On the start you will think to is really hard complete this map, but as far you go as more you will know. At first, you need be more patient and attentive. Go around the location, think about where creator can hide it?!

DOWNLOAD: archive.mcworld [408,46 Kb] (count: 25)


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