MurderEscape [minigame horror map]

MurderEscape is multiplayer and horror map for Minecraft PE where you have to invite your friends. At least, you need one runner and one murder. The goal first one is escape and reach another point of map. The goal murder, as much as possible, find the victim and kill him. You will have fun, because it is dark and scary. As killer as runner will have problem with own missions, accordingly why that this map is awesome!

How to play in this map?

At the first base, you have to choose who will who, or it can choose computer randomly. Try to collect 4 or 5 players, because with few persons this game will be boring.

On this screenshot you can see how difficult is it, because always is dark.


Are you murderer? Amazing! Try to think the same player on another side. You have a brain to find you victim and sword to kill them. Easy work!


recommend this map for MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: murderescape.mcworld [116,13 Kb]



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