BlockGears [Minigame map]

BlockGears is amazing map for Minecraft PE, which includes three traces for racing. Through addons you can add different vehicle ( like cars, open wheel cars and bikes ) Invite your friends and make great racing competition. In this article, I describe you this awesome map.


How to start?

After you install the map you will spawn at hall and there you have to choose on of the three possible racing trace. Do not forget about addons because this map do not includes new vehicle, you have add these only through addons ( you will see addons in downloads below )


What the trace you can choose?


First one called Mega city

We highly recommend take Formula 1 addon for this trace.

Second trace called Downhill

We recommend use bikes there

The last trace is Retro race

I advice you download Ferrari addon for this trace

suitable for Minecraft PE 1.1 + DOWNLOAD: blockgears.mcworld [566,5 Kb] Dirt bikes addon Formula One addon Ferrrari addon


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