Super Lava Run [parkour, minigame map]

Super Lava Run is great parkour, mini-game map where you have to jump and use other method to avoid lava obstacles. This map was built quite interesting and original, you will see command blocks and redstone mechanism. Always remember that you have time limit, so you have to always be quickly and fast.

Developers: RylandPlayzYT, Twitter Account

How to start?

After you start this map, you will be in big lobby. At first, you can read information and rules and then go to button START. Push this button and you will spawn at start of the map.

So, are you ready to crazy parkour though lava and other obstacles? Just download this map below and you can try to do it!

we recommend this map for Minecraft PE 1.2 + version DOWNLOAD: super-lava-run-pe.mcworld [2,01 Mb]


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