Basketball map [minigame]

Basketball map for Minecraft PE is great minigame where you can play in the basketball. Of course, you can play alone here, but I recommend you invite friends and split on two teams. Who will win?! Make dunks, blocks and strategy of your team. Actually, teamwork is only one way to win.


Features of this map:

  1. You able to block the ball ( it is work as in real game )
  2. You can make dunks
  3. Do not need count; there is score on the wall
  4. There are game message


Now you can look at some screenshots

How good you can make dunks? And how good you can make it in Minecraft reality? Show your friends how amazing you are.

Forget about counting. All works will do your score on the wall. It is big and always rightly.

You will have the referee! If the ball go out the area, you will see message like on the screenshot below.

Recommend for MCPE 1.1 +
DOWNLOAD: bsg-basketball-clminigame.mcworld [599,5 Kb]



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