Snowball War [Minigame map]

Snowball War for Minecraft PE is minigame map, where you have to defeat your base against enemies, who want to invade there. Through snowballs, you need attack and kill your opponents and do not let them get your base. Here you can play single.

developers: FabianDroiid, Twitter Account

You need through snowballs attack your enemies to do not let them go to your base. Try to shoot as quickly as possible, because they are fast

Your opponents also can shoot snowballs to you. You have to keep attention and did not get snowball, because you will be killed.

The main meaning this minigame do not let anybody go until your base. If somebody touch it, then you will lose.

There is some shop, where you can get upgrading and be more powerful.

for Minecraft PE 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: snowballwar.mcworld [300,51 Kb]

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