Facility Flee [Minigame map]

Today I present you new mini game map Facility Flee for Minecraft PE. You need a friends for this map. Invite as much as you can ( but I recommend 3-5 players at first time ) Split on two teams. In first team, you need only 1 players. It will be beast. In second team, other players. They will called Survivors.

developers: RealDarken, Twitter Account

What the meaning of this map?

Goal Beast: you have to find all of Survivors and kill them all.

Goal Survivors: you have to find good way from your facility to escape and find button on the Beasts base.

Do not use any of modification. It is amazing game, try to think and make good strategy to win. Good luck!

for Minecraft PE 1.2

DOWNLOAD: facilityfleenew.mcworld [430,94 Kb] (count: 21)

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