Thimble [Minigame map]

Thimble map for Minecraft PE is multiplayer minigame for 2-8 players. Meaning this game is very easy. You need jump down into water and in the last moment place block. Your friend does the same. Finally, fall into water will be very hard, because there will be many blocks. Winner will be the last player who survive.

developers: Tenshinryu and Skayloss (originally a French minigame)
Ported by: lycroh, Twitter Account

How to start the game?

At first, you need invite one or more friends, because this game is only for multiplayer. When you enter the game, you have to choose your block. Then, select one of the map.

Start jump into water and in the last minute place block on water. Soon, this blocks will kill your adversary.


for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: thimble-2_0.mcworld [2,28 Mb]

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