SG TNT Tag [Minigame map]

SG TNT Tag is minigame map for Minecraft PE which based on famous game tag. You can invite one or more players and start the game. On player is tagger and he try to give tag another player ( to touch other players ), run, follow them and make traps. Other players have to run away from tagger and do not let him touch yourself. It is a lot of fun!

developers: ZeReaper

How to play?

Invite your friend as much as you can. You can invite minimum 1 person. Split on the two teams.

One player has to be tagger – player need to punch with tnt block other player.

Other players have to be runners – run away from tagger. Do not let him touch you.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: map-tnt-tag.mcworld [177.24 Kb]

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