The Dropper map

The Dropper map

The dropper map Minecraft PE consists of only one kind if challenge. You stay very high and you need fall down and get into a bucket of water. Do you think this is easy job? Wrong! You need a lot patience and nervous to do it and not go crazy.

For example look at this screenshot. You see the hole, you need fall and little bucket with water waiting for you too far at the bottom. You have to jump down and get exactly in water. Another feature is you don’t see the water at the bottom and you need guess little bit.

Actually say it is going to be difficult. You need try again and again. Usually you will so close water but it is not work!

Sometimes you will not even reach the bucket because you have to fly through many barriers. But never give up!

Each level of dropper map has a different location and requires different jump technology.

The rule is pretty simple – please don’t use the mod and play in survival mode.

How to install this map?

  • unzip and copy her in folder on your divice: games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/
  • download map



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