map Mob Arena Battles

map Mob Arena Battles

Mob Arena Battles map for Minecraft PE is the arena where you need to withstand against monsters. There are two levels. Any level has ten waves of mobs. Are you ready to fight? You will see the shop where you can buy some new better armor, weapon or something else.

I think play alone in this map is really hard and I recommend you invite few friends. Maximum you can play with 4 friends. But on the other hand you can choose easy level.

Creator: LegendaryPH12, Twitter Account

version of map: 3

How to play in this map?

When you start the game at first you need to pick up a class. There are 6. All of them is different and give you unique armor, weapon and other things

You have to know to the next level more difficult than previous. Are you motivated? You must to be strong because arena don’t forget the fear.


To start arena you need to put on the button.

how to install this map?

  • then you have to tap on it and map automatically install
  • yo need download it
  • that is all!

for Minecraft PE 1.0



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