Fire!! [Minigame map]

Fire is minigame map for Minecraft PE and I recommend it especially for multiplayer game with your friends. At first, you have to choose the map ( you can many other ones ) and when you appear in the map, you will see fire. Fire starts destroy blocks and your main goal is survive as long as you can. You have to always think about your strategy and look at your opponents. Who will die the last, that player win.

developers: FelixFilip

How to start?

It is simple concept and rules. You appear at the lobby. Choose right map, which you want. As you start the game and appear in your map, there is fire, which destroys blocks. Your main goal is survive.

You will have many rounds and after each one, you will get gold nuggets and could buy something in the shop.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +
DOWNLOAD: fire.mcworld [3,27 Mb]

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