Find The Button: Rooms Edition [Minigame map]

Find The Button: Rooms Edition is minigame map for Minecraft PE. It consist of 10 diferent levels, diferent difficulties. The task is easy, you have to find the button! There will be some hints, do not forget check them. There is a seria of such kind of maps ( you can find more of them on our website ) It is popular and creator decided to create more maps. Of course you can play single game, but I recommend multiplayer. Invite your friends and have fun toogether! The main chalange is find buttons, but prepare to hard work and spend a lot of time for this task. It will not be easy, trust me.
some screenshots from this map
for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: findthebuttonroomsv2.mcworld [112,47 Kb]

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