DeathRun: The Fandom Update [Minigame map]

DeathRun: The Fandom Update is minigame, multiplayer map for Minecraft PE. This map requires minimum 2 persons. One person will be runner, another one will be killer. This is unique map, which has many interesting, different feathers.

What you have to do?

How to play in this map? As I already said, there are two roles – killer and runner.

  • The main goal for runner is get to the finish
  • The main goal for killer make traps and obstacles to runner will not get to the finish.

Some of the screenshots you can find below this article. For me, killer is favorit role in this map, because you have to thing a lot and do very smart obstacles and traps. If your enemy will avoide your traps, you will lose the game.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: deathrun-foolish-upd.mcworld [632,21 Kb]

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