Evasion map

Evastion is a pazzle-adventure map for Minecraft PE with interesting storyline. After rob the bank you were put in a jail. You will get a lot of challenging and adventure in your prison. Will you able to solve your problem in a jail? Will you survive with your «new colleges»? Try to complete this map and we will see!

Developers: GameFreak101YT, De Coolerd, captainfour4

Attention! Do not forget download Prisoner skin and when you will play in this map, dress it.

You will immerse in real prison life, when save your life is very hard work. Of course, you will think how to escape from this place, but do this with silence.

screenshots of this map

recommend for Pocket Edition 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: evasion-2.mcworld [999,62 Kb]



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