Unreal Geometry Map

Map Unreal Geometry Map for Minecraft PE based on non-Euclidean geometry. The same place can be different. Do you want know what is insane? Just play in this map and you understand it.

made by: Desno365

How to play in this map?

Now I try to explain what the features has this map. It is just mind blowing. Pay attention at the picture below. As you can see there is where we came from. Save it in your memory.

But if we go around the corner. Boom! We will see absolutely another place. But if we go back we can see our initial place. Do you have explanation? I do not.

It is not the end! If you go around and around that corner you will see different things on one place. For example paining or color.

But on this moment your adventure does not end. When you come back to your room where you start. You will see endless corridor.

I can say definitely I have never this mod and map like this and I very recommend you try out it.

How to install?

  • map you need copy in this folder sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds.
  • zip file has mod and map
  • extract zip file
  • import mod to Blocklauncher

support Minecraft PE 1.0 — 0.15.x



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