NukeTown PVP map

Do you like Call of Duty: Black Ops? Because this PVP map Nuketown for Minecraft PE is from that game. Also you will see new texture, sounds, weapons, grenade and mobs. I really recommend take your friends and play with them multiply but you can easy spawn special mobs and play alone single.

Attention: this map require behavior and resource pack which you can download below article

What will change?

  • Mobs CPU ( skeletons )
  • Mobs Robots replaced by Husk
  • New gun replaced by bow
  • Kombat knives ( sword )
  • Grenade ( ender pearl )

Now you can watch screenshots

Here you can see full map on one foto.

At finely I want to say it is perfect place for make great battle with your friends or mobs, alone. For fans Call of duty you will get more satisfaction and remember your lovely game. New beautiful texture pack and amazing sounds will nice addition.

Download Resource .McPack

Download Behavior .McPack

and maps

Download Map .McWorld



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