ShulkerWars [PvP map]

ShulkerWars PVP map for Minecraft PE was based on End. Here players separate on 4 teams. Each of teams will have small own island. Try to find any resources there. You have to build bridge on another island, where stay your enemies. Of course to reach him and to still his treasure and resources.

What the main goal do you have on this map?

The last team, which stay alive, will have win!


At the start spawn point, you can see small island, but nevertheless you can try to find to some resources for basic game and for start.

You will see some floating island, try to reach it, because there you can find powerful gear for you. You have to be extremely careful, also you will see hostile mob there.

That is you get where you reach floating island. Shulker will attack you.

Do not forget about chests. As good items do you have as easy you can fight against enemies. For example, in this chest you can take very useful part of gear, weapon and other items.

recommend MCPE +

DOWNLOAD: shulkerwars-byzzeuzz23.mcworld [650,88 Kb] (count: 5)



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