Mini Egg Wars [PvP map]

Mini Egg Wars for Minecraft PE it is a PVP map where your mission is save sacred egg. You have to invite your friends to play in this map. There are three islands and one of them belongs one of team. The middle island is neutral, but it is very important for you, because there you can get the gold ingots. In additions, you will see some shops, where you can change some blocks.

Developers: OdOGamer1, Twitter Account

How to play in this map

At start, I recommend you pay attention on rules and instruction, which you will see when you enter in this map. As well you read and understand it as more you can get satisfaction of this map.

In additions, you will see some iron ingots generator in your base island. Do not forget about it and try to use often.

Shops are very good idea to buy something, to help you win. Try use it as often as you can. You have to know, the gold ingots you can get only in middle island.

Always remember about sacred egg and do not allow even to approach him.

recommend for version of MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: eggwarsmini.mcworld [413,1 Kb] (count: 18)



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