TNT Wars – Red VS Blue [PvP map]

TNT Wars – Red VS Blue is PVP map for Minecraft PE where two teams have competition to win. Each of team has own island. In border on two islands there is big blue wall. You have to destroy it. On your island you will see all necessary TNT dynamites. Invite your friends and have fun!


The features this map

There are two teams which stay on own islands. Every player need to choose one of the five different kits. Before choosing thing about how to kit can help your team strategy.

List of kits:

  • Helmet: Fireball Kit – shoots fireball
  • Boots: Jetpack Kit – good for falling down
  • Sword: Baller Kit – get snowball, which shoot TNT
  • Fishing Rod: Troll Kit – egg shoot creepers

and the last screenshots



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