Lucky Block Challenge [PvP map]

Lucky Block Challenge is PVP map for Minecraft PE. You should split out on two teams and make fight on arena. The feature of this map is that you could get lucky block. Lucky block is a block, which after destroying can get random block or effect. It could be not only good effect. but bad for you too.

developers: SpiderDestroyer

How to play in this map?

Before start, you should tap on the button under the sign «Before you start» ( it is very important ! ) only after this process you will get 30 lucky blocks.
If you will have problem or error, you could manual turn on the lucky blocks. You should write command :
/give @a spawn_egg 30 12.You could trade here. Buy Rabbits food and you can buy some usefull things for you.
download this map for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.6
DOWNLOAD: lucky-blox_1_6_1.mcworld [6.43 Mb]

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