Custom Mob Creator [redstone map]

Custom Mob Creator for Minecraft PE is a redstone map where you can make looks for mobs. It is like a changing room but in your world! You have to use button on the walls to command and for example you can combine some mobs or give them some different weapons. You can create new type of mob.

developers: Elite Boygamer

How to play in this map?

At the start of this map you will see mob behind glass and he is your experimental rat. On the wall you will see some button and if you push them you do some changings. For example you can change or add some items or weapons.

Can you imagine that mob which you can see on the screenshot below? You can combine him and have very funny result and long laugh after it.

On the foto below you can see how reset mob if you finish your work or want to start new one.

So do you like this crazy map? Just write what you thing about it on comments at the end of article.

DOWNLOAD: nether-dragon-resource-pack.mcpack [622,17 Kb] (count: 24)



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