Poke Balls (Command Blocks) [Redstone map]

This map called Poke Balls for Minecraft PE. There you can see some command block which adds Poke Balls. It can help you catch mobs and store them, as do it, Trainers from popular serial Pokemons. You can be one of them!

How to get Poke Balls?

At first, you have to find the chest and poke balls there. After it, come to command block and toggle the lever. Screenshot below can show you some additional information.

Now you can take poke ball in your hand and tap on some mobs to catch him. For example, you can tap with poke ball on cow and you will see in your inventory cow spawn egg.

After you catch the mob, on your interface appear some massage about your success.

recommend for MCPE 1.1 + DOWNLOAD: 4pokefballs-0in-vanilla.mcworld [1,5 Mb] (count: 30)

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