28 Redstone Creations map

Map 28 Redstone Creations for Minecraft PE show you a lot redstone machine. You can learn how it works and try to build the same. When you know how it works and how it makes you can build own redstone house or some machine for mining, harvest, hiding something. You can realize any your idea and playing in world will easier.

Examples redstone mechanism

I want you show some example that what you can see on this map. The first one redstone creation is a chest lock. On screenshot below you can see a bunch fences and you push the button to get access of the chest. Do you want hide something? You can take this perfect idea.

The next one contraction is hidden stairs and it was super easy to build. As a previously time you push the button and stairs appear, you can go up stairs. If you one more time push the button the stairs disappear.

The next one is chest trap. It is very good if you want to protect item from griefers. The idea is to a griefer see some foreign chest and come to open it, but then griefer fall to the lava. It is my favorite.

Hidden door will the next redstone creation that you can do. If you press the piston you will see that appear door in the wall. Camouflage door is very good idea.

Go ahead. The semi automatic wheat farm will very interesting mechanism for harvest. Honestly saying is not super automatic because you do have to replant this stuff for yourself. How you can see on screenshots below we release the piston and all the water will come through. If you push the piston again then water will go away. Now you do not spend your time anymore for these boring things as harvest.

I have written only few of mechanism which you will see in this map. Also I can mention easy double lock door, a lot traps, minecraft track which you can ride and many other interesting things. I hope you appreciate it.

DOWNLOAD: flaatty-redstone.zip [322,95 Kb] (count: 51)



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