Mod: Survival with Lycans

Mod: Survival with Lycans

With True Survival – Rise of the Lycans mod, players will have the opportunity to be in the guise of a werewolf. Turning into the beast will give players new opportunities and powers, but it’s not that simple. On the heels of the player will be the hunters. New mobs will cause problems even for the most experienced users.

The plot .
The world of mankind has been overtaken by a variety of diseases. Mankind blamed it on werewolves. Because of this, many people took up arms and decided to become monster hunters. The main character (you) is a werewolf. Try to experience in Mynecraft Pocket Edition under such conditions.

Capabilities and Characteristics.
Hit the jump and crouch at the same moment to turn
Transformation lasts 4 min
The shapeshifter gains incredible bonuses and enhancements
After a transformation the hero gets depleted and has other bad effects
Sleeping on the crib helps.
Can’t use your inventory while transformed.
Replenish your hunger by killing animals

Werewolf Hunters
NPCs who have decided to kill all the monsters.


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