Mod: Transporting Blocks

Mod: Transporting Blocks

There are quite a few different items in Minecraft. The player carries them in his pocket-measure, i.e. they are not visible. This is frustrating for many, because it was much cooler to watch everything. One fan player decided to take matters into his own hands!

After installing the Carry mod, users will see the blocks in their hands in their original size. In creative mode, all blocks are displayed. In Survival mode, some of the special blocks (Light Block, Border Block, Root Rock, etc.) will not be displayed.

Mod- Transporting Blocks-1 Mod- Transporting Blocks-1 Mod- Transporting Blocks-1


Download mod Carry (for 1.18.30) (.zip) linkvertise
Download mod Carry (for 1.19) (.zip) linkvertise

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