UFO Addon

UFO Addon for Minecraft PE adds Unidentified flying object in your world and you can fly on it very fast. Do you still not believe that somebody exist in another planet or galactic? You can prove it in your game! They are living! Before start your new flying object you have to fill up it and in future do it, do not forget about this because you can kill yourself.

How to get UFO?

Skeleton have replaced by UFO. You can just go in your world and try to find that mob. If you prefer to very easy variant, you can create new world with creative mode and get skeleton spawn egg.

How to get in?

If you was made ( or find ) your new vehicle, you have to come closer and :

  • For android device: long tap on it and push RIDE button
  • For Windows: right click and push RIDE button

On the screenshot below, you can see how UFO looks. For make great atmosphere I recommend you, download Alien skin.

As I said, never forget about fill up the tank. You need do it before start and every time when UFO fall down. To control fly direction take the carrot on the stick.

At the end, I want to say thank you to creators this modification and wish you good day!

for MCPE 1.0

DOWNLOAD: ufo-behavior.mcpack [902,02 Kb] (count: 10)

DOWNLOAD: ufo-resource.mcpack [1,17 Mb] (count: 9)

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