Slime Boss Addon 0.16.1/0.16.0

Slime Boss Addon Minecraft PE adds a new boss ( Slime ) new mobs armors and items. For first I want tell you about boss. You will see a big Slime boss. He looks very ugly and terrifying. They can use help own minions and he can shooting magic crystals. You need very tired to kill this boss.

How you get a boss?

You need build iron golem. But texture little bit changed. Iron blocks and pumpkin will be green color. How you make boss you can see on screenshot below.

As I said, this Boss can shoot magical crystal and also he makes minions. They are not very dangerously, but prevent and irritate. I advice you kill the first minions.

Also developers little bit change texture some mobs. For example, now Creepers will be look like on the picture.

Will be different iron armor set and iron tools. They appear very original and creative.

If you want, I can show you the list of different. What changes your game get after install this mod?

  • Iron Tools: Jelly Tools
  • Pumpkin: Jelly Block
  • Iron Ore: Solid Jelly Ore
  • Emerald Ore & Block: Ruby
  • Iron Ingot: Jelly
  • Pumpkin Pie: Jelly Cake
  • Egg: Magic Crystal


download tis 2 files and install, than you need aply for a world )

DOWNLOAD: -t-slime-boss-by-vladu11.mcpack [262,5 Kb] (count: 24)

DOWNLOAD: -t-slime-boss-by-vladu11-1.mcpack [262,5 Kb] (count: 18)

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