Twilight Forest Addon 0.16.1/0.16.0

Twilight Forest addon for Minecraft PE change a lot your game. You will see a new mobs and blocks. butterflies, bison, deer, ents, bears, nether mobs and other waiting for you in this mod. You must knew to this mod was based on the famous mod Twilight Forest for PC version.

What changes will be made

Now cows look very different and creative with horns.

Butterflies will appear and they changed bats.

You will see big bison, creative ship and sweet deer, which you can ride. It looks very cool on screenshot.

Do you knew mob on the picture ? It is ent from Lord of the Rings.

Also you can see bears in your MCPE. Wolfs have been changed in bear.

On this picture you see portal in Twilight Forest. This is a new world with new twilight mobs.

That how look mobs in Twilight World.

In game add wood planks. They changed wool blocks. Very interesting idea from developers.

This mod adds lucky block. Take a pickaxe and try destroy this block, loot will be randomly. It replaced by nether reactor.

The next interesting things is honeycombs.

In the end a want show you pictures with new blocks with add in your game.


necessarily: if you have Android you need open this addon with this app

DOWNLOAD: twilight-forest-map-addon.mcworld [59,03 Mb] (count: 377)

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