Download DesnoGuns Mod [R022]

DesnoGuns is weapon mod Minecraft PE. It adds about 50 items. For example new guns, grenade, parachute, armor, ammunitions and other things. With this mod you can make really war in our MCPE world. This modification is one of the most popular. It adds new button on your interface aim and fire. It adds a lot new sound.

Developers: Desno365

Update: R022



  • add 7 new malee weapons
  • support MCPE 1.1 +

First at all I need tell you to it unique gun mod. On the screenshot below you can see how much fabulous weapons you will get.

Then I recommend you open DesnoGuns Info. For do it you have to just get this items DesnoGuns Info in your inventory or if you play in survival mod you need craft it ( ID (3365) – 1 Wood )

Here you can get the information about mod, change the settings, download addons and so on.

You will have a lot interesting things. For example I can show you binocular. Just take it and put on button AIM and you see this interface. Awesome!


Desnoguns Recipe



“DesnoGuns Info3365”



“Night Vision Binoculars3326”

“Zoom Binoculars (Pro)3325”

“Medical Kit3322”

Melee weapons


“Riot Shield3323”

“Baseball Bat3327”









“Fragment Grenade3301” “Molotov3302”

“Smoke Grenade3303”



“Juggernaut Helmet3285” “Juggernaut Body3286” “Juggernaut Pants3287” “Juggernaut Boots3288” “Jungle Camo Helmet3289” “Jungle Camo Body3290” “Jungle Camo Pants3291” “Jungle Camo Boots3292”



“Assault Rifle Ammo3340” “Sub Machine Ammo3341” “Light Machine Ammo3342” “Sniper Rifle Ammo3343” “Shotgun Ammo3344” “Machine Pistol Ammo3345” “Handgun Ammo3346” “Launcher Ammo3347” “Minigun Ammo3348” “Explosive Arrow3349”


Guns Pro version


“Incendiary Grenade Launcher510”


free guns

“.44 Magnum3366”





“Barrett Explosive464”



“Crossbow Explosive3367”


“Desert Eagle467”


“Desert Eagle Gold468”















“M40A3 Ice482”


“M40A3 Night Vision3377”







“Minigun Explosive511”





“Multiple Rocket Launcher3375”



“Remington 870496”

“Ray Gun3376”










“Winter Minigun506”

“Winter Sniper507”

How to reload Desnogun mod?

Often people ask me How I can reload the gun? This is easy! You need just tap on the place in interface where mod show you how much guns is it. Let’s see on picture.

But before you do thet you need to have Ammo. And just tap on that place and you will see text Reloading. You heard some sound and it will done.

MCPE 1.1+

DOWNLOAD: desnoguns_mod_r022_desno365.modpkg [2,66 Mb] (count: 34)


For Minecraft PE 1.0 / 0.17.0

DOWNLOAD: desnoguns_mod_r021_desno365.modpkg [2,4 Mb] (count: 221)

For version 1.0.0+ / 0.17.0

DOWNLOAD: desnoguns_mod_r020_desno365.modpkg [2,4 Mb] (count: 131)

For version 0.16.+

DOWNLOAD: desnoguns_mod_r019_desno365.modpkg [2,4 Mb] (count: 78)


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