Laser Guns Addon R004 for DesnoGuns mod

Laser Guns addon for DesnoGuns mod is amazing addition which adds 5 new guns in your game. They are very dangerous and volatile. And in this article I show you and tell you about these items.

Developing by Desno

How to craft

Laser Gun ( ID 2427 )


Laser Bazooka ID 2427


Laser Sniper Rifle ID 2429


Laser Rail Gun ID 2430


How it is work?

Laser Gun

Just press your finger on new button OFF and laser will start firing as you can see on picture below. Crazy amount of fires really fast quite rapidly. You can easy destroy mobs or blocks.

Okey. Let’s go to another weapon Laser Basooka. It is for long distance. You will see the blast radius of this gun is really big. Also I would say it very good thing for mining. You can easy destroy any blocks and you don’t get any damage.

Don’t forget about settings. You will see a wrench icon on left side your interface. For example in setting you can change the blast radius, set the length of the laser or set how many seconds it takes to destroy the block

Another guns

How to install this addon?

  • tap on wrench
  • First at all you need download and instal BlockLauncher
  • enter in the game via this app
  • import this mod

for version Minecraft PE 0.14+/0.15+/0.16+/1.0+

DOWNLOAD: laser_guns_addon_r004.modpkg [607,86 Kb] (count: 9)

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