Vertex Client Mod

Hello! Today I gonna show you the Vertex client mod for Minecraft PE. Actually it is the cheating modification which has 50 different features! For example you can wallhack, ride the other players, auto bow, speed walk, regeneration heals, teleport and other interesting things.

Attention: This cheat you can use in multiply server, but you can be banned.

author: VertexHX, Twitter Account, website

support: Minecraft PE 1.0 [0.17.0]

How to use vertex client?

When you will enter in your Minecraft world you will see the menu.

  1. Chat
  2. Building
  3. Combat
  4. Movement
  5. MiSc

You need to new to you can change setting. You have to just tap on the top left button.

Now I want to show you a few opportunity this client.

Wallhack. It very popular cheat you probably you new what is it. So you can walk via wall. It helps you be faster.

Another advantage is you can make explosion wherever you tap. This is very useful for mining. Now you don’t need spend a lot time to destroying blocks.

Also you can make a spam, if you tap on the Chat and set the settings. But we never recommend do it.

This feature is authomatically select the best sword for you when attacking entites if available

for Minecraft PE 1.2 +
DOWNLOAD: vertex_client_pe-2_4.modpkg [221,07 Kb]

for Minecraft PE 1.0 [0.17.0]

DOWNLOAD: vertex-client-pe-pro-activator-v1.0.js [2,16 Kb]


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